The Great Barrington Dispensary is the latest addition to the growing list of cannabis dispensaries in Massachusetts. What makes this dispensary unique, however, is its location. The dispensary resides in a 170-year-old historic building that was once a Church among other interesting historical tidbits. In addition to selling recreational marijuana, the dispensary will also offer educational programs and tours for people who are interested in learning more about cannabis and its history. So far, the response from the community has been very positive. Many residents are thrilled about their new dispensary and look forward to its grand opening.

Great Barrington Dispensary hopes to elevate the cannabis industry. Their customers will be able to purchase recreational marijuana as well as attend events that are focused on learning more about cannabis culture and history. The location is unique because it ties the community together by providing a place where people of all backgrounds can gather for this purpose.

The dispensary’s unique location in a historic building will attract many visitors to the Berkshires, which is good for the tourism industry. The dispensary adds another layer of interest to an already popular tourist destination. Once people learn more about cannabis and see what dispensaries have to offer, they’ll likely want to explore other cannabis related venues when visiting Massachusetts in the future.