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Anyone over the age of 21 with a valid government ID.

Our Great Barrington location is open from 8 am – 9:45 pm 7 days per week.

No returns except damaged or defective products. All returns must have packaging and sales receipt from purchase, and be made within 10 days of the purchase. Please call our management team at the store with questions or concerns at 413-717-4006. Thank you for shopping with us!

No, cannabis is now legal to all adults, 21 years or older with a valid ID.
Prices are shown on our menu which is updated daily on our website. We accept cash only and also have an ATM on site which also charges a fee.
Yes, you are only allowed per MA law to purchase up to one ounce of usable cannabis per day. This can include up to 5g of concentrates or 500mg of edibles. Or a combination of products that are not to exceed a 28g flower equivalent.
Our seasoned cannabis specialists are ready to assist you in every way and happy to discuss options.
No, we are not allowed to do so in the state of Massachusetts.
No, we are not allowed to do so in the state of Massachusetts.
Yes, please check our careers page to fill out an application.
Yes we do. Please contact

MA Cannabis Overview

Marijuana is legal in Massachusetts for people 21 and older, but that doesn’t mean you can use it anywhere you want. Here are some basics about the law:

  • You can’t use marijuana in any form (smoking, vaping, edibles, etc.) in public or on federal land
  • You can have up to one ounce on you, but not more than five grams of marijuana can be in the form of marijuana concentrate.
  • In Massachusetts, you can grow up to six plants in your home, and up to 12 plants where two or more adults reside.
  • In Massachusetts, you may have in your primary residence up to 10 ounces of marijuana in addition to any marijuana produced by plants legally cultivated on the premises. Any amount over one ounce of marijuana must be locked up, and it is best to keep any amount away from kids and pets.
  • Like alcohol, you cannot have an open container of any form of marijuana in the passenger area of your car while on the road or at a place where the public has access. It must be stored in a closed container in your trunk or a locked glove compartment.
  • It is illegal to drive under the influence of marijuana. If you use, don’t get behind the wheel. Instead, use public transportation, ride-shares, or catch a ride with a sober friend.
  • Employers, landlords, cities, and towns may have their own policies about the use of marijuana. Check with them to see what is allowed.

Not all hotels or other rental accommodations are cool with consumption

For visitors who abide by the “no public consumption” rules, there are only a few options left for them as far as locations to consume their legally purchased cannabis products. While some people may be staying with friends or family in private residences, others will be staying in a hotel or other rental property. Be sure to check with any kind of rental or hotel accommodations before consuming cannabis products – whether by smoking, vaping, eating or otherwise – on their premises. Some property owners or managers are okay with cannabis use, while some are strictly opposed to consumption on their property. Don’t get kicked out of your accommodations because you didn’t follow the rules. Massachusetts currently does not license social consumption or mixed-use establishments such as marijuana consumption bars or yoga studios.

How to carry products with you while you are traveling in Massachusetts

The short answer is to carry marijuana and marijuana products in a concealed and enclosed manner. When purchasing products, they will be given to you in a sealed bag or case. This is perfect to store your products within your luggage, car or other personal property when you are in public. The idea is to keep your products secure and out of sight. When traveling with children or pets, you should be especially cautious about keeping products locked up and out of reach.

Taking your cannabis with you

Taking any amount of cannabis with you when you return home outside the state of Massachusetts is illegal and should under no circumstances be attempted. The possession of cannabis in any form is no longer legal as soon as you cross a state line, and the possession of any cannabis product is also prohibited in Massachusetts airports. Don’t risk the state or federal consequences and leave all cannabis products behind in Massachusetts when you depart.

Mailing your purchases home

Many tourists think that shipping their marijuana purchases home is an easy way around laws that prohibit them from taking products across state lines. Unfortunately, that could not be more wrong. In fact, it counts as moving illegal drugs across state lines, and if you are caught, there will be steep penalties. Again, do not risk the consequences and leave all legally purchased cannabis products in Massachusetts.